In the Times Online, there’s a draft of a new law in the UK that affects Spiritualist activities  and services such as healing, readings, and other things people typically charge money for.  According to Professor Gary Slapper, the draft of the new law will affect anyone who charges for readings, healings, and the like, and protects consumers against unfair business practices such as “harassment, coercion or undue influence”.  An example of scams in the UK include a mailing told consumers that the place that they were living in was “a zone which has been ‘booby-trapped’ by negative waves”, and it offered a solution for a payment of £29.

While some Spiritualists are up in arms about it, it still sounds like a good law to me, only because there are people who are expressly focused on taking unfair advantage of people via mediumship and healing.  Being a spiritual provider of any kind is a big responsibility, and high standards of ethics are very-very important.

You would think that the Law of Cause and Effect (“what goes around, comes around”) ought to be enough to keep any medium on the straight and narrow and make laws like this unnecessary, but sadly, that’s not the case.  Actually, the Law of Cause and Effect ought to be enough to keep EVERYONE on the straight and narrow, but it’s abundantly clear that people-in-general just don’t work that way, and behave otherwise.  The problem is that we don’t believe on a truly personal level.  We may agree that Cause and Effect is true, but we don’t think it’s really about us, so we go about our ways as if it didn’t really exist. It’s about time that people stop giving Cause and Effect lip service and start behaving in positive, productive ways.  Keep in mind that the law works in the positive direction too!