The seeker (recipient) is an important part of the message or reading. Leo has some interesting things to say about your role as a seeker and how to get the most out of a reading.

Leo says that “It is essential that you prepare for the sitting by being calm, in a quiet place if you can– you would be surprised how many call with screaming kids in the background”.

Whether it’s a reading by phone or by any other means, the point is that the surroundings should be “peace and quiet”. Part of those surroundings include you, and if you are relaxed, i.e. “peace and quiet”, it helps us as mediums.

Leo also mentions that “you need to understand that we cannot “call up the dead.” Mediumship is somewhat like a phone call to the spirit world, but it isn’t quite that simple. It’s more of a “party line” or an open connection, as opposed to being able to dial a single number and get exactly the same person every time. Even if we could connect with the same exact person every time, we couldn’t guarantee anything anyway, as that person may not want to “answer”. Despite these issues, mediumship works rather well.

It is a good idea to not-ask us (mediums) a whole bunch of questions, as it’s distracting. A little here and there is fine. Conversely, we don’t usually ask you a bunch of questions or want a lot of information from you, because it too is distracting. We do need to know if you’re following along, hence our occasional questions to you, but that’s about the extent of it.

As for what to make of a reading or message, I think Andrew Jackson Davis has a phrase that sums it rather well – “above all else, keep an even mind”.