I did a reading for Andy about a year ago. He contacted me recently and had this to say:

I don’t know if you will remember me. One thing you said was to move the computer near the window because everything would be better if I did that. I eventually got around to doing that and in the process I found that there was a short in the power supply which was burning and would eventually have set on fire.

By the way, when I switched the computer back on it started smoking, no joke. That is how close it was to setting on fire. If the power had gone off and come back on when I was away it would have set on fire. It was caused by a component next to the fan inside the power supply, so it would have blown flames out of the fan vent on the back of the computer on to the wall which is made of wood. Well done Joe and thank you for that, you probably saved my house if not me as well.

The medium’s role is one of service. Service for seekers who want or need contact with the Spirit World. Service for spirits who wish to communicate with seekers. Beneath it all, at the core, lies a sincere desire to be an agent of goodness, for seeker and spirit alike, in harmony with God-as-you-define.

From a medium’s perspective, verification from the seeker is a rare treat, and is always appreciated. Verification can affirm or reaffirm our faith in our mediumship, its positive benefits, and its ability to help others. Getting verification can be considered an expression of the Law of Cause and Effect (“what goes around comes around”) in a positive way.

Thank you Andy.

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