Andy, the person I did the reading for last year, describes the area he lives in this way:

People here are mean spirited and will use anything they can to put people down and I don’t need that. Recently a tree fell across the road and the only way to get it moved was for me to do it myself – I asked the locals about it for about a week, they would not help and the county would not do it because the road crews are locals and I am an outsider.

For a very long time the locals would not grade the road by my house. It became like a deer trail with deep ruts and overgrown brush, and at times we could not get through it, and it is our only road out of here. Regardless of often we asked them to do it, they would joke with each other and laugh about it in my face…. these people all go to church and are good Baptists. We got the road graded by calling the county judge and telling him we were going to contact our attorney if they didn’t do it. It was done that day, he seems ok, but he was not happy about the situation.

A few days later someone shot up our mail box. I think it was done by one of the road crew because the only way they would grade the road was for us to contact the county judge, and they didn’t like that at all. We can’t see the mail box from the house and it was shot with a shotgun at close range, I think it was between 10 and 11pm on a Saturday night. The locals meet down the road from us and drink beer on the weekend.

Life here wouldn’t be much fun if they knew I was into Spiritualism. People go to church several times a week but how many of them are ready for heaven or even God, not many.

You would think that in the year 2008, with all this impressive technology, political correctness, and modern culture, that you wouldn’t hear about such petty, primitive behavior, but sadly, that’s not the case. You might shrug it off, saying “that’s human nature”, and I suppose that’s true to an extent, but why should we accept it so blandly? It’s ridiculous. This person never did anything to them, and he only wanted that which was reasonably and rightfully his.

The sad part is that these people undoubtedly think it’s ok to treat others this way, particularly when the other has done them no harm in the first place. The Law of Cause and Effect ensures that what goes around, comes around. Another version of the Law is to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” — the Golden Rule. Since these individuals go to Baptist church several times a week, you would think they have heard the Golden Rule time after time, right from their Bible, right from Jesus Christ (according to their belief system). I strongly suggest they practice what their religion preaches.

Precisely during the moment that I was writing the above about Cause and Effect, this tune started playing on my youtube playlist…how appropriate! The message of Cause and Effect is exactly the same, whether it comes from the Christian Bible or from a pop song.