Here is an interesting article about the Ouija board. Everybody seems to have a viewpoint on the Ouija board, so why not share mine? The Ouija is probably the single most misunderstood, mistreated, and abused means of spirit communication there is. Can it be used to successfully contact spirits? Yes. Do most people go about it in a positive/healthy/correct way? NO. Can you get negative things/people/etc. from it/through it? Yes, particularly when you don’t approach it in a positive/healthy way, or you have an interest in negative things in the first place. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, so to put it very bluntly, if you’re negative, you’ll attract the negative. By the way, the Law works in the positive direction too.

Why is it so misunderstood? If the Ouija were a screwdriver, and you used it to put screws in, you might say it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread for what it does. If you tried to pound nails in with it instead, you wouldn’t be so thrilled with it. If you gave it to a child who didn’t know what it really was or how to use it, and they poked their eye out, you’d swear never to go near it again. If you’re a mechanic who never used a screwdriver but has heard a lot of stories about eyes being poked out, you’d be sure to tell the people you know to avoid it all costs, and given your reputation as a mechanic, people might well listen.

For people who aren’t mechanically inclined, listening to your mechanic’s advice about avoiding screwdrivers is probably wise, as it avoids a lot of problems. Either way, there’s nothing inherently wrong with the screwdriver, because it’s merely a tool. Just don’t poke your eye out with it.