Here is a video about message work.  Derren Brown, a popular skeptic in the UK, says that the message work he’s about to do is fake, then proceeds to give messages to members of the audience. During the messages, the seekers acknowledge that a number of items provided by the “medium” are accurate, and one seeker cries.  At the end, the seeker who cried says he was astounding.

I tend to think that the whole thing is contrived/faked.  Perhaps he researched the seekers beforehand or otherwise got information about them prior to the session.  Or they’re actors performing a script.  I suppose the very-remote possibility that he happened to do some legitimate message work despite his claims that he’s fake exists, but I’m not holding my breath.

I find it a little strange that the seekers were happy to have the video published. If I were one of them, I’d be mad as hell about being taken advantage of, perplexed about how the “medium” got the information, since he’s professing to not-be a medium in the first place, and then wonder if any of it was still valuable anyway, despite it being contrived/faked.  I’d also be embarrassed, and probably not want it published.

For mediumship to take place, a genuine connection to things-spiritual needs to be present.  Saying the same things a medium might say (without that connection) does not make you a medium.

The existence of fake mediumship does not invalidate all mediumship, no more than counterfeit money invalidates all money.  And the ability to produce a counterfeit, whether it’s mediumship, money, or anything else, really doesn’t mean much, other than it’s something to be aware of and avoid.

A good medium’s motivations for doing message work and readings is (or should be!) more noble than than faking people out or otherwise taking advantage of them.  If your intentions are not noble and good, and your ethics are not equally noble and good, you should not be practicing mediumship.  Stop right now, before you hurt people.  The money you can make isn’t worth the pain you can cause, and that pain will come back to you courtesy of the Law of Cause and Effect.