Sex and spirituality, as wonderful as they are, are best enjoyed separately.  It keeps the confusion down, and helps avoid problems with sex in the name of spirituality.

In my mind, taking unfair advantage of someone is one of the most unethical things you can do.  It’s bad when it’s done from a position of power, and under the guise of religion, even worse.  Combined with sexuality, worse yet.  Here’s an article about a couple of guys in Australia who think it’s just the thing to do – they pretended to be Spiritualists, purported to cast evil spirits out through sex with their client/victims, and made a lot of money in the process.

I’m feeling like a broken record here, but I have to say it – the Law of Cause and Effect is always working, affects everyone equally, and operates in both the positive and negative directions.  Needless to say, this one’s negative.  As the Aussies might say, “No worries mate, it’ll come around to them.”

Thank goodness that they weren’t actually Spiritualists, only pretenders! The last thing we need is yet another slur on our good name.