Have you ever been on a haunted history ghost walk?  I have, and it’s interesting.  It’s a tour of an area with discussion about the history, culture, architecture, and psychic, spiritual, or haunting aspects of it as well.  The Spectrum, the newspaper of the University of Buffalo (UB), recently wrote a great article you’ll want to read.

In Buffalo and Western New York, you’ll find Mason Winfield offering these tours.  He’s the author of several books on the subject, including this new one:

Being that I live in both Buffalo and Rochester, I’ll have to check it out when I get a chance.  Not only is Mason Winfield a good tour guide, he’s a pleasant guy.  I remember talking with him about people we know in common, Paul & Peggy Spencer, who were mediums and also my teachers.  Paul & Peggy were killed in a car accident some years ago.  I mentioned that they sometimes stop by, and my reference to them in the present tense intrigued him a bit.

Having people you know in the spirit world come to visit is one of the great benefits of mediumship, and if you knew Paul & Peggy, you’d appreciate it all the more.   They were great folks, and I learned much-much-much from them.  Their son Ron, another good medium and teacher that I learned from, was also killed in an accident around the same time, and he stops by on occasion.  I’m sorry they’re not still with us here on the Earth Plane, and I wish them the very best in their lives in the Spirit World.