Buffalo (NY) got itself on an episode of Ghost Hunters, and the episode ran tonight.  Some people really like phenomena, but for me as a medium, I don’t watch these shows.  For me, the question of whether the shows or the evidence is “real” or “legitimate” is not particularly relevant.  It’s enough for me to know that phenomena exists, no doubt in my mind, whether they’ve actually recorded it on their show or not.

I have more interest in the things that indicate intelligence and communication, as opposed to being provided evidence that spirits exist.

Spirits have as much right to exist in a place as we do, but when the situation becomes threatening (to either party) things need to be done.  It’s commonly called “ghostbusting” or spirit removal, but I think that’s a little limiting – it gives an image of exterminators coming to rid your house of pests. Unlike pests, it’s fairly possible for spirits and Earth plane folks to coexist peacefully, as not all “hauntings” are negative/nasty/evil.

It seems to me that shows of this type often have mediums come in and say “yep, you’ve got ghosts”, but they don’t do anything to solve the problem – they just walk away.  I’ve done some work in this area, and it is possible to make improvements and “solve” the problem.

Let’s take a moment to send a thought of peace and harmony to all spirits and Earth plane folks who are living together in disharmony….