James Byrne is a medium of notoriety in the UK.  He was very successful for many years and then make an about-face and is now against Spiritualism.  This article tells James’ story pretty well.

Referring to lecture of his, he says that “My talk is based on the fact that so many charlatans exist and the psychic industry has become a multi-million pound industry and it is based on a complete sham which is not regulated. I will explain how I, having worked as a psychic for 30 years at the highest level, now believe it is not only morally wrong, but what psychics do you can train anyone to do in a matter of days and earn at least £400 per week with ease.”

Charlatans certainly do exist, and it’s morally wrong for someone to knowingly take advantage of people in this manner.  While they do exist, it’s important to not let them get you down.