In the context of researching Near Death Experiences (NDE’s), Neal Grossman had an experience with people that “cured me of any impulse to argue these things with recalcitrant colleagues; it is pointless to argue with someone who tells me that his mind is already made up, and nothing I can say will change it.”

If you’re going to discuss things spiritual, it is wise to do it with people who are open, somewhat open, or at least say they’re open. And you should be the same. If you go into a discussion with the idea that you’re going to “win”, as opposed to explore and maybe learn, then you’ll probably have a battle. Battle may be entertaining, but it has little educational value, most of the time.

I differentiate between a discussion and an argument this way: a discussion has real learning potential, as the parties are open to considering each other’s views. An argument is a battle, where there are winners and losers, where each is invested in besting the other.

Spiritualists are looked down upon by certain religions as being evil or of the Devil. Sometimes, members of those religions look to do battle with you, either explicitly, or under the guise of a discussion. The best thing you can do, is what Neal did – learn from it, and walk away. I suggest you find better people, and have a real discussion instead.