Sometimes, dreams are dreams, other times, they’re spiritual experiences.  And maybe some other times, they’re both.  While dreams are one of the easiest ways for the spirits to reach us, it’s not easy to know whether the “dream” you had was a normal dream or a spiritual experience.  The way I think about it is to put “normal dream” on one side of a continuum, and “spiritual experience” on the other.  This leaves lots of room for interpretation and gray area in the middle, which is good because it’s largely a matter of interpretation to begin with.

While there are no hard and fast rules, there are indicators.  Here are some indicators that can help you determine which side of the continuum your “dream” is likely to be on.  These are in no particular order.  While more of them in one dream can be better, each can stand alone.

1. Independent conversation, that is, when someone is talking to you, or otherwise trying to tell you something.

2. Independent two-way conversation, i.e. when you’re talking back and forth with someone.

3. Unconventional physics.  When something runs contradictory to normal Earth plane physics as we know it.  The kind of stuff that leaves you puzzled, saying “how weird…”.  A car that runs  just off the ground, silently. (picture Luke Skywalker’s desert speeder).  Or an airplane flying with a wing tip only inches away from a brick building, moving perfectly and without disturbing anything else.  Do not conclude that this is only limited to such large and obvious things such as planes and cars.  Basically, if it’s physical in nature but not the way things normally work on the Earth plane, it fits.

4. Unconventional biology.  Animals and/or people who are different than typical Earth plane biology would indicate.  For example, people with pipe-thin legs and visible muscle strands with no skin on them.  Or fish that are only vaguely like Earth plane fish.

I expected the list to be longer, but it seems to cover things fairly well.  Clarity did not make the list, and you may find that surprising.  Clarity is nice to have, but it’s not a good indicator of a spiritual experience, in and of itself, most of the time.  You usually need something more to slide it towards the spiritual experience side.

The important part is getting a feel for what the dream conveys, whether it has high clarity or not.  I think clarity is overrated.  But it’s a lot of fun.  I’ve had dreams where I could walk, talk, and see just like day time.  Neat stuff.

Both the speeder and the airplane example come from “dreams” I had.  In the speeder experience, the vehicle was more like a World War II American half-track, but it moved quickly and silently about 5 feet off the ground, like Luke’s speeder.  In the dream, one of my spirit folks came zipping up to me, and we got in the vehicle and went zipping around through some open lands with gently rolling slopes.  In the airplane dream, one of my other spirit folks took me for a ride, and from the cockpit where I was, I could see the left wing as we were flying very close to a brick building.  The building was like an apartment complex I used to live in, classic red brick.  The wing was unusual in that it was more pointed and squared off than a conventional plane.  The tip of the wing was literally inches from the brick, and we moved silently along the course of the brick wall then went flying into another area of open land that was kept like a lawn, with a little bit of snow on it such that you could see the green grass peeking through the white snow in most of the area.

I’ve had plenty of other spiritual experiences while dreaming.  It’s fairly coincidental that the two I can recall both involve riding around, as most of them aren’t like that.  As these experiences come up over time, I’ll share them.