In this article, Dawn Carr describes what mediumship is like, from the medium’s point of view, facing towards the public.  When it comes to telling people that you’re a medium, I describe it this way – “you never know how they’ll react until you’ve already told them”.  And it seems to be accurate.  Even if you know the person to some extent, you can never be entirely sure of what reaction you’ll get until you tell them.  For example, I told someone I knew that I was a medium and referred him to my website.  I thought it would be fine, and he told me he read it, but afterward I felt a cold shoulder type of vibration from him, although he never said anything further.  This left me a little jilted, but there was little more I could do without being a pest and looking like I was trying to push it on him.  So I let it go.  Eventually, the cold shoulder went away, and things are now fine.  Like I said, you never know.