The Winchester house is famous for having been built due to spirit influence.  The owner of the house worked on the house non-stop for many years to appease herself and the spirits regarding the invention of the Winchester rifle.  This article discusses some of the details, which you may find interesting.

This is sad.  It’s unfortunate that a medium would tell a seeker negative things and thereby affect the seeker in a negative way for the rest of her life. While people often “hear what they want to hear” and interpret things the way they expect them to be (even when it’s negative), in my mind, the lion’s share of the blame still goes to the medium.

When you think about it, if the desire was to do something good to make amends for having invented the rifle, how does building a house non-stop for years accomplish it?  It doesn’t.  It’s a waste of resources.  And I doubt any of it made her feel better.

Not only is the story sad, but the article is too.  It paints things-spiritual as dark, and then dredges up the classic Christian objections to mediumship, which are quotes from their bible.  Deuteronomy is the one I see most often, and I’d say it’s their favorite. How tiresome.

Cities all over the world have beautiful things to see and do.  Art, music, architecture, museums, and other special places, for example.  Many things.  But they also have places that are dangerous and should be avoided.  The “bad parts of town”.

Would you avoid all cities on this beautiful planet of ours just because they have “bad parts of town”?  If so, you miss out on a lot of wonderful things.  To me, the classic Christian objections suggest you do exactly this, on a spiritual level.

It is wise to be careful and aware of what you’re doing when it comes to things-spiritual, so that you don’t run into the “bad parts of town”.

But don’t miss out!