While we usually think of religion as extremely personal, it can be interesting to turn that thought upside down and think about how many people have a particular belief or where they’re located relative to each other.  The Association of Religion Data Archives can tell you things like the distribution of religions in your county based on zip code.  Or that 72.9% believe in life after death, and 52.9% believe that Hell absolutely exists.  And if you’ve ever wondered about all those denominations and how they’re related to each other (particularly Christianity), there are family trees of the denominations.

There’s an online survey that will show how you compare to the nation on religion measures.  Thankfully, it’s very short.  For my demographic (male, 36-55 years old, college degree, other religion), 62% of all respondents think that the Bible is an ancient book of history and legends, and 64% think that Jesus was one of many messengers or prophets of God.  Check it out, see what you get.