When a seeker provides information that verifies a reading or message (or healing for that matter), it’s a bonus.

About two years ago, I gave a family member a message that he would encounter a very rude person, and it would be quite notable, as opposed to the typical day-to-day things.  At the time, it made no sense to him, as he couldn’t relate it to anyone he knew.  But I talked with him a few days ago, he said that he’s dealing with this person now and can’t wait until he doesn’t have to interface with her any more.  Thankfully for him, that’s soon.

The family member is half-half when it comes to believing in spirit communication.  That’s ok though, because being the recipient of a reading or message does not require a belief in mediumship.  Even though he now has some fact-based evidence to consider, he doesn’t know what to make of it.

It was a nice surprise to get a verification like that.  When you think about it, it’s a nice slice of mediumship.  Neither one of us knew who the person was at the time of the reading, as neither one of us had met her or even heard of her, so that eliminates the “you read minds” objection to mediumship.  When he encountered her, he knew exactly who the person was, that is, the message hit home, which is good verification for him.

As a medium, it’s important that the message comes from the spirits, not your own head.  When it comes to family members, it becomes even more important.  Some mediums won’t do work for family members because they feel they’re too close, and it gets in the way.  Quite understandable.

My approach has been that if the spirits want to give a message to a family member through me, that’s fine, as long they make sure that I’m not clouding things up and being in the way.  So the verification was good for me too, because it shows that I can do message work for family members without it being an issue.  I wouldn’t take it as an open license to do work for family members all the time, but at least it’s possible.