If you want a message from the spirits and go to a medium, does it matter whether the medium is a good person or not?  Since mediumship, in the strictest sense, is only the ability to communicate and nothing more, what difference would it make?

Obvious exceptions like being mute aside, everyone can talk.  Just because you can talk, it doesn’t mean that you are smart, wise, good, pleasant, sincere, or spiritual.  Not at all, because these things are unrelated to the ability to talk.  Talking is one thing.  Who you’re talking with and the quality of the conversation is quite another.

Mediumship and goodness are somewhat similar.   Just because you’re a medium, there’s no implied or automatic assumption that you’re talking with the smart, wise, good, pleasant, sincere, or spiritual people.  There’s no assumption that your spirit guides are smart, wise, good, pleasant, sincere, or spiritual people either.  None at all.As a medium, you want your mediumship work to be the best it can be, something that truly benefits and uplifts seekers. You want the smartest, wisest, best, most pleasant, sincere and spiritual spirit-people as your guides and teachers.  And you know that the quality of your spirit guides are directly related to the quality your work, the goodness of it.  The quality of the content.

Where do goodness and mediumship come together? Through the Law of Attraction, which states that like attracts like.  Goodness attracts goodness.  Mediums who are good people attract good spirit guides.  Good spirit guides bring quality to the content.

Knowing this, mediums are focused on becoming the best people they can be.  It’s a lifelong (and beyond!) process.  It is continual progression in the upward direction, without end.  This is great, because you can always become better and better.

Mediums also know that the spirits pick them, not the other way around.  This makes the medium’s goodness and spirituality even more important, from a quality point of view.

Seekers want quality.  Quality is an interrelationship of many things, not the least of which are the goodness of the medium.