When it comes to perceiving/receiving spiritual stuff, it’s easy for beginners to get all hung up with the means of perception (hearing vs. seeing, etc.).  It’s easy to think that it’s so important to do one or the other, or think you have to do them all well, or think you have to develop your weak points.  It doesn’t work that way, it’s not a report card where you want (or should have) an A in every subject.  It’s easier, better, and more productive to work with whatever perceptions you have.

From the medium’s perspective, mediumship is a very personal endeavor.  It’s about how you personally perceive spirit communications, and it has next to nothing to do with how your peers perceive.  So don’t compare.  Work with what you have.

One of the overlooked bonuses of being a medium is that you can work with your spirit folks to improve your perceptions so that communication between you and them is better.  Metacommunication.  When you do this, you work with the “A’s” on your report card, not the “C’s and D’s”.  For example, in my case, clairaudience is my “A”, and clairvoyance is my “B”.  If I wanted to work with the spirits regarding metacommunication, it would be with my A or B, not my “F”, which happens to be seeing auras.  And there’s no need to try to turn my F into a C.  I’ve worked with it, it does not work for me, so that means there is probably a good reason.  Given enough time, it’s technically possible for an F to turn into an A and vice versa, as your mediumship can change, but it’s fairly unlikely.   The bottom line is that everyone cannot do everything, and it’s perfectly ok.