Not every communication from the spirits is going to be a heavy-duty, highly evidential proof of life on the other side, nor should it be.  As a medium, you can get all kinds of communications, including funny stuff.  Spirits do have a sense of humor.

I think that from the medium’s perspective, having good relationships with your spirit folks is technically not required, but it is so valuable and worthwhile that it ought to be.  I think mediums forget that spirits are people too (in whatever skin they’re in).

Over time, you’ll likely be able to distinguish some individuals from others, as they pop in and out and hang around from time to time.  The ones who seem to hang around more consistently are likely to be part of your spirit group.  If you avoid the extremes of either deifying them or treating them like your servants, they may open up to you, and you may learn about them.  Like anyone else you meet, it’s about relationships.