There’s a movie coming out about the Ouija board with “horror genre elements that seem reminiscent of supernatural thrillers like “The Ring” and “The Gift.””

Do we need yet another Hollywood-ed, jazzed-up, negative/spooky movie about spiritual things?  Couldn’t it be positive, uplifting, and healing instead??

The Ouija board is a tool, albeit a very misunderstood tool.  It’s a tool in the same way that a gun is.  You would never hand a loaded gun to a six year old and say “go play”.  That’s crazy because they have no training or experience or sense of responsibility, and they’ll go off and hurt themselves.  It’s for adults who understand and know how to handle it.

Spiritually speaking, when it comes to the Ouija board, there are plenty of six year olds, and sadly, some of them shoot themselves in the foot, and cry very loudly to Mommie.  It scares the other six year olds away (which is good), but it also scares the adults away, those who could understand and handle it.

It’s about people, not the tools. A person’s spiritual training, experience, and sense of spiritual responsibility determine whether they’re six year olds or adults with the Ouija board, and physical age has nothing to do with it.  It’s just not for those without spiritual experience/background/knowledge/etc.

Over the years, I’ve had mostly good experiences with the Ouija board, and only a few bad ones.  Now that’s not an open license to recommend it to everyone, just my experience.

My view is that Ouija board has been abandoned by its potential friends (mediums) and beaten down by its enemies (mediums and others) a long time ago.  Since then, it’s been lying quietly in a heap on the floor, doing nothing, and now this movie is going to walk up, kick it right in the nuts, and then go away.

I hope I’m wrong, but don’t bet on it.