You might wonder, do mediums go for readings?   Why would they, especially when they talk to the spirits all the time?

Generally speaking, it’s rare for us to go for reading, but we do.  Remember that mediums are seekers too.  We can benefit from the services of another medium, even though we already talk to the spirits more often than most people.  Sometimes “hearing it from someone else” is good.

People think mediums (or psychics) know everything, or should know everything.  When people sneer at us for not knowing everything, including the winning lotto numbers, it makes me laugh a little inside. While they’re in the middle of sneering and looking down at us, what they’re actually doing is proving is that we’re human beings, (prettymuch) like everyone else.
Don’t they think that if mediums could consistently turn up the winning lotto numbers, that every one of us would be rich?  Sure we would, so why do they look at us like we’re foolish?  It’s not a failing of ours, it’s an unrealistic expectation of theirs, a failing of theirs to think we can do such things!  Usually, the most we say is that “it doesn’t work that way”, which is true, but doesn’t improve their understanding much at all.

Ok, time to climb down off the soap box.  Anyhow, truth be told, we don’t want to do lotto numbers.  If we could, all kinds of bad things might happen.  We would be hunted down and held at gunpoint to provide numbers.  If we made a mistake, we’d be killed.  There would be State, Federal, and police investigations to determine if we somehow got insider information and/or “fixed” the proceedings.  And if we did it consistently, there would be no more lottos, as people would scream that it’s cheating.  I think they’d scream louder than they are about Mr. Madoff’s $68 billion Ponzi scheme, as this type of swindling, as unethical and illegal as it is, is more commonplace.

Good thing that “it doesn’t work that way”, but if it ever did, I would hope that we would spend our mega-millions on making the world better, in some positive and spiritual way.  Too bad we don’t have the Madoff billions to do exactly that.