Easter is a complex Christian holiday, when you look into it.  As for me, I avoid all the complexity and Christian religious messaging entirely.  I focus on what I like about Easter, which is that it’s an indicator of Spring, renewal, and prosperity.  These are positive things, no matter what flavor of religion you happen to subscribe to.  I wish our Western New York weather would cooperate a little more, but be that as it may, Spring is coming.

Easter provides yet another opportunity for family to get together.  As my children are getting older and becoming closer to adults every day, I appreciate the time I get to spend with them, more and more.

In our journey through life, with all its every-day routines and the rest, it’s important to stop for a moment along the way.  Take a moment to appreciate the larger forces that impact your day to day living, on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  Understand that everything is interconnected.  I’ll share a beautiful photo of a Japanese plum blossom tree with you that illustrates this quite nicely.

Flickr.com: Spring will come ......

This is courtesy of hideoy99 at Flickr.com.

Enjoy Easter!