I’m a Facebooker.  A friend of mine posted her Facebook status, and she said that she didn’t know what men want from relationships.  Several of us responded, and it went into a long and rather detailed conversation, which was quite good.  Eventually, the conversation got around to the spirtual aspects of relationships, and I said that at times it’s important to let go and let God. For the most part, we were referring to letting go of things she’s doing that aren’t working.

Mediums can find themselves in the same situation as my friend, but with their spirit folks.  Sometimes we continue to do things that aren’t working, or worse, are working partially.  Sometimes we are afraid to trust them.

This happens more often when you’re first learning mediumship.  You don’t know your spirit folks yet, and aren’t sure that you are receiving, so you’re afraid to speak up.  The first rule of student mediumship is “if you have something to give out, give it out”.  It’s the best way to learn.  In the context of a learning environment, you don’t have to worry about making “mistakes”, it’s ok.  It’s better to speak up and chance a “mistake” than it is to sit there quietly and not say anything.  You can not learn everything by observation alone – you have to participate.  If you want to progress, you have to “give it out”.

It takes a little faith and trust, especially in the beginning.  Relationships with your spirit folks develop over time.  Your thoughts and ideas about mediumship and spirits have considerable impact on the relationship – you are more a part of the process than you think.  Your relationship with the spirit folks is uniquely yours. It will never be exactly the same as any other mediums’ relationships with their spirit folks, nor should it be.

Mediumship involves letting go.  You let go of yourself and open up, so that the spirits can communicate through you, often to bring a message from their world to ours, to the seeker.

“Let go and let Spirit”.