Lily Dale is opening up for the summer season, which runs from June 26th to September 6th.  The Spiritualist word for heaven is Summerland, and Lily Dale is about the closest you’ll get to it while you’re here on the Earth plane.  It’s a very spiritual and relaxing place, set amongst the trees and on the shore of a lake. When I’m there, I can just feel my spirit absorbing the peace and serenity like a sponge.  It’s a wonderful way to rejuvenate and recharge your spirit.  I try to make it once a year.

Lily Dale is located in Western New York, United States, and is the world’s largest Spiritualist community.  When you visit, you can go for services, messages, and readings, visit the museum, check out the bookstore and a couple of gift shops, and see their calendar of events.  This year, a New York City production company is looking to do a documentary for HBO.