People keep all kinds of animals as pets.  My experience has been that animals are people too, in the sense that they exist in the Spirit World after their physical death.  I had a deer that I saw in the woods (but didn’t shoot) come to me, an old short hair pointer named Shaver that a neighbor owned, my wife’s dog Max (who passed before I met her), my dog Ringo that I grew up with, and probably a few other animals that I don’t remember off the top of my head.  I’ve had plenty of road killed animals come by, so non-pets count too.

So I have no problem including pigs.  George Clooney, famous actor in the US, is hoping to contact his pet pig who’s now in the Spirit World, and has hired a medium to assist him.  Whenever someone asks to contact a specific entity in the Spirit World, I get uneasy, because for the most part, whoever comes, comes.  As a medium, you rarely get to choose.  And it’s not uncommon to get everybody other than who you’re asking for.  I’ve have heard of some mediums who have the capability to “dial up anybody”, and if it works that way for them, more power to them.  I wouldn’t say that it makes them better mediums, more that it just happens to work that way for them, which is a bonus.

George’s pig Max was 300 lbs. and often used to sleep with him.  I’ll bet he took a lot of ribbing from a lot of guys about it.  And I can’t imagine what his girlfriends thought of it!