Here is an interesting response to the question of whether animals perceive spirits. The writer is Laura Stinchfield, who is a pet psychic.

I believe that animals percieve spirits too, just as we do, or perhaps, even clearer than we do.  I think we overlook this because we’re a little too human-centric.  We really think it’s all about us.  The world is far bigger and more dynamic than we can imagine, and all we do is concern ourselves with our little corner of it as if the rest didn’t exist.

From the windows of my home office, I often watch the sparrows.  They land on the telephone lines, and the roof of the garage next door all the time.  They have no idea that their sitting on phone lines – to them, it’s as good as any other branch they might sit on.  Phone lines have no meaning in their world.  It’s a whole system of thought that does not apply to them.  Now, if you really think it’s all about you, then you see this as a limitation on their part, they’re not advanced enough to understand such things, and that’s lesser, or somehow bad.  I find it liberating instead.  They interact with the things of “our” world, but are not bound by it the way we are.  They do not have any limiting conceptions of it, because they have no conceptions at all about it.

The above article refers to miscarriage in a spiritual way.  Somehow, the physical fits into the spiritual, but we have no idea how.  We’re just like the sparrows on the phone lines.

Don’t you think that there are plenty of other systems and dynamics that we aren’t aware of, just like the sparrows and the phone lines?