I’ve been aware of Spiritism for a long time, and had some vague ideas about the differences between it, Spiritualism, and Spiritualists.  Tonia Wind’s article about the differences makes it clear.

I’m not sure I like the term, as it sounds so scientific, but according to Allen Kardec’s definition, I’m a Spiritist. One good thing about it is that it gets you out of the mess that the term “Spiritualist” is in.  “Spiritualist” seems to have too many meanings that differ from each other in significant ways.  For example, in some places, a Spiritualist is anyone who has contact with spirits of any kind, and in other places, it’s a term for those who belong to classic organizations like the National Association of Spiritualist Churches (NSAC) or the Spiritualist National Union (SNU) in the UK.  “Spiritist” seems to neatly avoid all this.

If you’d like to learn more about Spiritism, and Allen Kardec, it’s famous founder, see Tonia’s Examiner page.