As a medium, you get used to certain things happening around you that are spiritual in nature.  This morning, I had the following “dream”:

There was this man who lived next door to a family, in a very country setting. I was with him while he went to their house (which was a country/farm house) and he was fixing things in it, trying to make things right.  His presence in the house had an Earth-bound feel to it, like he was coming back from the Spirit world in a way that Earth plane would be able to see him.  We were near the front door, and they had a doorbell that had two wires exposed but unconnected.  I said that he needed a switch to connect them together to make the door ring whenever you pushed the button, but he grabbed them with one hand and put them together, and I could hear the doorbell ring, which was the classic, rich-sounding ding-dong sound.  The people in the house were nearby, and I could feel them there and hear them to some extent, but nothing further.  They were towards the back of the house, and we were in front.  There was a dog in the house as well, who had pointer-like hair, was white with big brown spots, and was as big as a St. Bernard.  As the man and I were standing near the front door, the dog got up on his hind legs and put his paws on the man’s shoulders, from behind, like he were hugging the man or welcoming him.  At that point, the man’s grief was so heavy it weighed like stone on me, and I woke up gasping for breath.

As I tried to understand this experience, I got a number of other details around it.  The man died from an accident, like a random shot fired in the air.  I saw a woman standing in a field, heard the shot, and then I saw the shot come down and slice some skin off the right side of her face.  Picture a big raindrop falling down someone’s face but tearing skin off, and you get the idea.  From the family’s point of view, the man was like somebody’s uncle who lived next door.  The vibration was very close, like family, and everyone got along well, but the man had somehow been bad/mean in his life, hence his grief.  The girl had black hair that was parted in the center but fluffy/curly and thick around the ears and shoulders, with blue eyes, with a rounded full face – quite attractive.  The image of her in the field was black and white.  The first date I got was 1901-1902.  Then I got 1892, which indicated that the girl was ten years old. Something happened to her at that age which was part of his grief.  The first place I got was California, but I also got Santa Fe.  His last name was Whitman.  While he was on the Earth plane, he knew a Hopi indian who tried to help him with his problems, but he never listened to him.  The indian seemed to know that underneath the problems/issues, he wasn’t entirely a bad man.  After he went to the Spirit world, the indian still tried to help him, but he still didn’t listen.

I call these dream experiences.  I’ve had them before.  My role in this one was just to be the medium, a bystander, although in others, I’ve been in the role of one of the participants.  My impression is that in our current time, this person is ringing someone’s doorbell (in the physcal) and the occupants of the house are puzzled because no one is at the door.  They probably recognize this as some type of phenomena, but aren’t sure what to do with it.  I’m not clear about the connection between this man and the inhabitants of the house – it may be through the family, the location of the house, or both.

When it comes to message work, I’m a stickler about knowing where the message goes.  I don’t like giving messages and having someone from the audience step up and claim it as theirs, as it’s not good form.  Be that as it may, I was asked to put this out there.  I’m not sure that the purpose is to give a message to a specific person, but if it resonates with you, or you know who it belongs to, please email me.