I went to a very spiritual place, one that belongs to a religion other than mine.  It is open to the public, so anyone can go there.  It truly is a beautiful place, and the energy is very interesting.  While I was there, someone told me that since I didn’t believe, I shouldn’t be there.  He was very pushy about it.  I made it clear that I was there to defile nothing.  I told him that goodness, positivity, love, and spirituality transcend all religion, and the details of the religion you belong to mean little in the face of these much-greater things.  While he still didn’t like me, he ultimately admitted I was right.

So many people have it in the reverse order.  They tout the religion first.  My favorite English teacher from high school, Mrs. Wurstner, would have said they have the emfahsis on the wrong sillahble.

Religious background goes very deep within a person, and the effects are lifelong and beyond.  If you doubt it, I would have you know that the pushy person above is a spirit and not an Earth plane person.  Yes, religion exists in the spirit world too.