It’s pretty common for me to have dreams where I go places in the spirit worlds.  The clarity is high enough that it’s often like waking experience.  Tonight, I went to bed much earlier than usual.  When I do this, I often wake up super early, but I was hoping that I’d sleep through it, as I sometimes do.  No such luck.

I had a dream where I was in a sitting room.  If you’ve been to the Lily Dale hotel, there’s a sitting room with a number of art works and tapestries in it.  This room was similar to it, and had some of that old-fashioned, 1800’s-early 1900’s feel to it.  I was standing in the room, and to my left, there were a number of people, most of which were seated.  My Earth plane teachers Peggy and Paul Spencer, who are now in the spirit world, were amongst them.  The room was busy with mediumistic activity, a combination of various things such as meditation, table tipping, seance with the lights on, etc.  I got the word “Spiritualist” to go along with this.  As I was standing there, I said that I could feel the presence of a lot of other spirits, and I mean LOTS.  I could feel the energy from their presences very close around me, and I was telling the group to my left about it, almost like I was doing message work. Then I woke up.

I think you could say that being in the sitting room was a mediumistic thing, and then perceiving the spirits in the room was also a mediumistic thing.  You might call it mediumship inside mediumship.  Interesting concept.