If you’re like me, and have some interest in mediums-as-people, as well as mediums-as-mediums, then you might like this interview with John Edward and Jonathan Louis on Bridge Street, which is a Syracuse, New York talk show.

It’s a 20-minute spot, but I think it’s worth your time.  John talks about how he got into the work, cold reading (1:01), and a nice description of what mediums do. He also answers some good questions from viewers, such as how people perceive spirits.

During a commercial break (11:15) John does a little message work, which carries back into the show.  He gives a good description of what the pull feels like when you’re drawn to someone that you are going to give a message to.  When he’s doing the message work, he’s pulled to an area and has to narrow it down, usually by asking questions.

My issue with locating the recipient of the message (the seeker) this way is that it can “look bad”, i.e. is good cynic-fodder.  In previous blog entries, I’ve called it bad form, and the cynics would say it’s just fishing and making up stories, or cold reading.  My view is that even though the cynics are unimportant, I still don’t want to feed them.  So I’m firm with my spirit folks about not working this way, and by and large, they abide by it.

I’ve had messages from mediums who work this way, and form and cynics aside, I think the accuracy and relevance of the message is pretty much unaffected.  If message work were bowling, and you bowl a strike, does it really matter that you threw a curving, hooking, spinning ball, rather than one that goes straight down the alley?   A strike is a strike, and it counts for ten points.

Understand that I’m not picking on John Edward, not at all.  I like him, think he’s a good and legitimate medium, and has done a lot for our subject matter.