I previously blogged about  the UK’s television medium Derek Acorah, who was going to hold a televised séance to try to reach Michael Jackson. It aired on November 9th.  The feedback I found around and about the Internet was less than positive, and here’s a short segment of the show on youtube.  Acorah responded to his critics, saying he conducted the séance “in the most honest, truthful way.”

My view is that I have little to say about it.  I know I wouldn’t have done the séance, at least not on television.  And I won’t judge Acorah’s authenticity or lack thereof.

But I will say that nothing outrages a medium more than a faker.  I absolutely hate it.  Fakery brings down the legitimacy of what everyone else in the mediumship community is doing.  It’s vile and unethical.  It’s playing dangerous mind games with people.  It’s an open opportunity for the cynics to rip mediumship apart, and do so legitimately.  It’s many things, all of which are bad.

But no matter.  The Law of Cause and Effect is a good bookkeeper.  If you acquire credits on your books through unethical means, you will receive a corresponding debit to your account.  It may happen sooner, or maybe later, but either way, the books will be balanced.

I hope that Acorah is legitmate, for his sake, and the sake of anyone else he has affected through his mediumship.