Sometime in the last week or so, I kept getting the Terry Jacks song Seasons in the Sun in my head. Then my Dad called me a couple days ago and said that a friend of the family that we haven’t talked to in a very long time and now lives in another state was suddenly in hospice with cancer. Yesterday morning, I woke up with the song again. That evening, he called again and said she passed away in the afternoon.  The song came from the spirit folks, but I think she would have liked it.

There are instances where death is good, to an extent.  In her case, it lessened her suffering.  It also caused a husband and son to talk after eight years of silence.  Perhaps more good will come of it, but nonetheless, it is still sad.

People on the Earth plane die every minute of every day.  Intellectually, we know this, but emotionally, we ignore it.  We have to in order to get on with life.  It’s part of how things work.   But death has an important role to play.  Existence is larger than a single life, and death is a marker between one life and the next.  Death is also a very strong reminder to live your life as best as you can.  It is a reminder that what you do with your life, while you have it, is important.