An article came out in USA Today about a study done on what religions people are subscribing to, how often they’re going, and the like.  It seems that people are becoming more eclectic in their beliefs, and combining various beliefs and religions.

It’s interesting that a leading voice for orthodox Baptists says that people are just rampantly confused, and adopting a belief-du-jour system.  This reminds me of the record companies who are staunchly holding onto their traditional business models while the world is changing before their very eyes. Or any one of the multitude of companies who are hanging onto old market approaches and ignoring the brand new Internet-based world of marketing and selling.

But, be that as it may, there are some interesting findings in the article, such as devotion to one clear faith is fading, and “Of the 72% of Americans who attend religious services at least once a year (excluding holidays, weddings and funerals), 35% say they attend in multiple places, often hop-scotching across denominations.”

You may want to read Ellen Ratner’s response article as well.  She says this type of thing has been going on a lot longer than people think, and brings up some of the religious happenings back in the late 1800’s.

I feel like that time period was not only the birth of Modern Spiritualism, but something of a golden age.  Reading about it leaves me wistfully thinking about what it was like to have so much public interest at the time.  Must have been nice.  Too bad we don’t have it now.