I woke up one morning this week and remembered a dream experience I had that involved a stone.  It was a very unusual stone, rectangular in shape.  One of the long sides was perfectly flat, as if it had been sliced and polished.  The bottom (polished) edge was straight, and the top edge was rounded like a bullnose.  The stone was a very deep blue/purple, and the non-polished long side was a light chocolate brown, almost like the powdered cocoa you see on certain dessert cakes.  There was some type of etching on this side, which I couldn’t read, but the symbols that were etched into the stone with a silver-gray, almost paint-like substance, and were easy to see.  I held it in my hand and was doing something with it, but I wasn’t sure what it was.  The stone had a very interesting wavy energy to it, and as soon as I touched it, I could feel it.  I showed it to my wife, who liked it immediately. If you’ve ever sat with a pyramid on your head for a few minutes, you have a good idea of what the wavy energy vibration was like.  I was told that I should keep it by my bed, and saw it near the foot of the bed.

As I woke up, I got dimensions and other information.  The stone was about 6-8″ long, 2.5-3″ wide, and about an inch thick.  The sides were rounded, and after a quick lookup on google, learned that they were a half bullnose.  I also got something about a 37.5 degree angle, but no further detail.  I tried looking up information on it, but was only somewhat successful.  There are isoceles triangles with 37.5, 37.5 and 105 degree angles, and to me, they look a good bit like pyramids, but that’s about it.

There was a second stone as well.  It was round, about the size of a softball but would fit in your hand comfortably.  It wasn’t perfectly round, as it had at least one flat area to it.  It was a light sky blue and yellow-green (chartreuse), and the colors were swirled together a little bit, not distinctly separate.

Stone - Top and side view
Stone: Top and side

I got some paper out and started drawing what I thought it looked like.  I draw like a 5-year old.  With the help of a little drawing software, I came up with the stunning art work you see here.  The Louvre called and said they wanted to replace the Mona Lisa with my beautiful masterpiece, but I turned down the offer.

Anyhow, after a little while, I got two words associated with the stones – Arkenham and Celebrinite.  I didn’t find any good information on either word.

I’ve never seen or heard of stones like these before.  If you have any ideas about it, I’d like to know.