2001: A Space Odyssey

I grew up on science fiction books like 2001: A Space Odyssey , Childhood’s End , and Rendezvous with Rama, amongst others.  They were great stories.  Looking back, I can see how they filled my interest in other-worldly things.  They also had a significant impact on my ability to think creatively.  Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the author of these wonderful works, said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”  It is the third of Clarke’s Three Laws of Prediction.

Let’s think creatively.  What if you turn this idea on its head, and apply it to spirituality?  What if you said that any sufficiently advanced spirituality is indistinguishable from God?

What if you turn it on its head one more time, and say that by default, there is no God in the classic singular, all-powerful sense, but there are entities and the like that are so advanced when compared to your current level that you apply the label God?

Childhood's End by Arthur C. ClarkeWhat if you say that it doesn’t much matter whether classic singular God exists because you’re too far removed from it, but in the meantime, there is/are plenty of God(s) to go around, because there are always entities and spirituality near enough for you to label them, and aspire to?

And what if you are undaunted by the idea that God is too far removed from you, yet you aspire to be the best you can be anyway, on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual? What if you keep striving because you know that reaching the next rung up on the ladder still means you’re going up, you know that the ladder is endless but it doesn’t matter, because that’s the way it works – up is up, and you continue going up-and-up-and-up indefinitely, because existence is a process, never an endpoint?

What if you say that there is an absolute God that is not personified in any way, but is more like the totality of all there is, and yet you leave room for singular entities and the like of the level that you can still label them Gods, without contradiction?

Rendezvous with RamaWhat if you throw away the idea that God involves worship in the traditional “I am not worthy to receive you” manner? What if God is something that affects you such that you want to be in its presence, to learn from it, to experience it, completely devoid of the “I am not worthy”, “I can never be like you” and similar trappings that go along with the ego-self?

What if pure goodness and positive spirituality means everything, and titles, whether it’s  “God” or “Angel” or any other, are completely wiped away like they never existed, because they have no real meaning anyway?

What if moving up the ladder of progression involves transformation that is so complete and total that we are no longer the person that we were, yet somehow we are, without contradiction?

What if mediumship is the only means to communicate with God-by-any-definition?

These things are close to my ideas about God.  What are yours?

2010: The Year We Make Contact