I woke up yesterday morning with Neil Diamond’s song, Song Sung Blue.  I had that feeling that mediums sometimes get when they receive something but aren’t quite sure where it goes to.  I also had my concerns about what it meant, as the last time I got a song like that, someone passed.   The day went rather uneventfully (from a spiritual perspective).  This morning, my mother called and informed me that Alice passed yesterday.

Amongst many other things, Alice was a Spiritualist, medium, and spiritual teacher.  My mom and some mutual friends of ours attended classes with her for several years. I’ve met her and attended one of her class sessions. Alice had a very open and up-front personality, and would let the chips fall where they may.  From my perspective, Song Sung Blue fits her rather well.  It’s about having things happen, working through them, and having it come out ok, even though it’s not the way you would want to have it.  Many blessings to her.

From a learning perspective, my mom isn’t sure what she will do, as there are very few teachers left.  She said that perhaps she isn’t supposed to have a teacher at this point.  After our conversation, what I should have said came to mind.  It’s time for her to lead, and the time for following is over.