Here is an article about a shop owner who is being shut down by the city she’s in, after the mayor attended the ribbon cutting ceremony.  It’s like a joke that you initially laugh at because it’s just crazy, and then realize that it is not really funny after all.

It can happen anywhere, but this is in the Bible belt, so it’s not terribly surprising.  For those of you not from the United States, the Bible belt  describes the Southeast and South-central portions of the country, roughly bounded by Tenessee, Georgia, and Texas.  If you were to draw a rectangle on a map that included those states and the ones in between, you’d have it about right.  It’s called the Bible belt because the region is known for being very Christian, very fundamental, and very conservative. California and New York are known for being much more progressive.  While I don’t appreciate the taxes in New York, I’d much rather live in it than in the Bible belt.

Note that I did not use the word “all” in my description of the people in this region.  That’s because there are always-always-always individual differences. Failure to recognize this is the primary cause of trouble with stereotypes, at least in my view. Being aware of this, I’m careful with using stereotypes, but I do believe that “if the shoe fits, wear it”. I’d say this one is a size 4 – small, tight, uncomfortable, waaay out of style, and without support.