I went to what I thought was going to be a mediumship class last night. I knew it was called a seance, but the term is often used loosely, so on the way there, I was thinking it would like the classes I’ve been to over the years, and that was about it. Once we started, I realized that we were going to be doing message work for the whole evening, and I was one of four mediums doing the message work. Being one of the mediums was fine, but I was a little concerned at first, as I wasn’t getting a whole lot, and what I was getting was different than what I typically get. And it was a whole different way of working too, kind of like being right handed and suddenly doing things with your left. I went with it anyway, because that’s what you do.

I have done message work here and there, but not for an hour and a half.  Had I known exactly what we were going to do ahead of time, I would have been a bit nervous about whether the spirits would come through or not, whether I would be in the way and obstructing the process, things like that. By the way, I never doubt that the spirits can come through, I only question whether they’re going to, as it is up to them, not me. I am just the messenger, not the originator of the message, nor the message itself.  And if there’s no message, there’s no work. But I didn’t have time to have such thoughts, and overall, the seance worked out well. Sometimes, the unexpected provides unexpected help.