When you go to any of the historical places or encounter similar things that have a past to them, there are usually people (like tour guides) who tell you all about the place or thing. It’s great because they’re always so knowledgeable about their subject, and you can feel their energy and excitement as they tell their stories. I’ve always had the perspective that some of these folks had a past life that corresponded with the place or thing.

Phil Collins is the lead singer from Genesis, a great drummer, and solo artist. Many years ago, I saw him in Buffalo a few times. There’s nothing better than when the artist or band interacts with the audience, it adds so much to the experience, and I remember him doing that. For a long time, he was my favorite artist.

Apparently, Phil has an interest in Davy Crockett and the Alamo. Here’s an article about it, including a tidbit from a Spiritualist about it.