In recent years, there have been more tv shows about mediumship and spiritual phenomena. I think it’s good to make it more mainstream, reach those who otherwise wouldn’t seek it on their own, and tv has the ability to do that for us. It’s becoming it’s own genre, almost like the ever-present murder mysteries that have dominated popular viewing for decades. Unfortunately, a  well-known show, Ghost Whisperer, is being canceled.

Real mediums almost never look like beautiful Hollywood actors. I’ve never seen a medium as beautiful as Jennifer Love Hewitt, and trust me, if I did, I would remember! 😉 Some criticize the show for exactly that, but hey, that’s Hollywood for you. My view is that Jennifer is not a medium herself or had much experience with it, and despite that, did her best to portray one.  Not what I would consider an easy thing to do, particularly with a subject as mysterious and nebulous as mediumship. I say give her credit for being beautiful and doing a tough job pretty well.

One of the good things about today’s culture and the Internet is that reruns are forever available, but I hope more shows come out. Even if they don’t go the five years that Ghost Whisperer did, they will continue to establish the genre.

Hopefully, these shows are opening people’s minds.