A friend sent me this interesting article about “fortune tellers”/psychics/etc. being regulated in Warren, Michigan. They’ll need to be fingerprinted and pay a $150 fee every year. Sounds pretty harsh, but on the other hand, it does help separate the ethical from the unethical, and gives police some leverage against the unethical.

The term “fortune teller” is very cheesy. I’m well beyond being outraged by it, hating it, or even being angry about it. That’s probably because I’ve never felt that it fit me in the first place. The only response I have to hearing it is disappointment. It reminds me of other treatments of spiritual things done by people who have no understanding, and if you pay attention long enough to their treatment of the subject, their ignorance becomes evident.

Be that as it may, I would say that if what you’re doing is unethical, you deserve to be called a fortune teller. Actually, I would say you deserve far worse than to be called nasty names, but that’s for the Law of Cause and Effect to take care of, and it will, in it’s own good time.