One of the benefits of being a medium is that you have a better opportunity to get to know your spirit guides. Mediumship works just fine when the medium isn’t familiar with their guides, so it’s certainly not required. But it is nice to know something of your guides, and developing relationships with them is beneficial. Here is an article from Spirit of PN about spirit guides. I think it’s a good read. It shows how guides may reveal themselves to you and work with you. And, as names like “Red Herring” indicate, names aren’t really important, they’re merely identifiers. It’s the work that counts, not the details around the individual(s) doing the work.

One of the concerns I have for folks who aren’t familiar with their guides, or aren’t involved with the work at all, is that they’ll conclude that spirit guides always come through as clearly and consistently as they do in the article. Far from the truth. Oh, they certainly can come through clearly and consistently, and may do so from time to time, but to think that they always do it that way is the big mistake to avoid. Actually, there are plenty of subtle indications of their presence that should not be overlooked. Things you get in meditation, or as a seeker receiving a message, or as a medium doing work.

I think a lot of mediums think of it all as “spirit” and leave it at that. My view is a little different. Yes, I’m working with spirit. But I’m also working with people. Spirit people. Real individuals. People who have lives, much like I do, but just happen to be in the non-physical side of existence. I think there are a lot of mediums out there who don’t pay much attention to the people side of their mediumship. Nothing wrong with it, I suppose. But it’s nice to get to know the people you’re working with, just like it is in any Earth plane work you’re doing.

Over the years, I’ve had many spirit people come, hang around for a time (which can stretch into years), and then tell me they’re heading off for other places. I appreciate their presence, and that they are considerate enough to tell me when they start coming around, or when they begin something new regarding our mediumship, and when they leave. Sometimes they come in and talk for extended periods. Other times they pop in and make a comment in the middle of everything else I’m doing. And sometimes, they show me themselves as they really are. This is very risky for them. It requires a giant magnitude of trust built between us, and ultimately, a choice on their part to be themselves without any pretenses. It is rare and special event. One that I feel honored to have enjoyed multiple times.

I’d like to take this moment and send the thought out to all the spirits I’ve worked with over the years. Thank you dearly. Many blessings. May your cup be always filled with goodness overflowing. May we do even better things going forward.