People sometimes ask what mediumship is like for the medium, i.e. how they perceive spirits. On this forum, bluebird asks it well by saying “When you actually see spirits , how do they appear to you? Are you actually able to see some sort of manifestation? or is it more like in your minds eye?”

Mediumship is a most personal endeavor for the medium. The spirits work with each individual medium in their own way. Beginning mediums often fail to acknowledge the impact of this. They tend to look for certain things they think they should get, or think they should get, and at the same time, tend to overlook the things that they do get, either ignoring them, dismissing them, thinking it’s weird, or thinking it’s just their imagination. It’s important to pay attention to what you’re getting and how it is working for you, and to develop along those lines.

If you gathered a bunch of us together and had each medium respond to that question individually, I would bet that you’d find a lot of variation. The comments on the forum link above gives you a flavor of some of the variations. I’ve heard some mediums say it’s like a movie running past them at high speed, others say it’s a certain feeling they get, and others perceive things that are unusual for most mediums on a regular basis, such as smells and tastes.

Having said that, I think that you would also be able to filter it down into some common themes. Those themes are what I call “the clairs” – clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance. “Clair” in French means clear, so you have clear hearing, clear feeling, and clear seeing. I would say that for the most part, these themes happen in the mind’s eye. Most people would leave it at that, but on the forum, True Angel asked what “mind’s eye” really means. Interesting question. My response is that the answer is  more dependent on the person asking the question, than anything else. I would ask them how much imagination they have. I would ask them to use their imagination to conjure something up. I would ask them to include sound, things they could feel, and things they could see. If they can get that far, I would then say that they now know what the mind’s eye is, because they just used it to conjure up whatever they created. From a mediumship perspective, the difference is that the spirits put things into your mind’s eye/ear/feeling as a means of communication, as opposed to you building something and putting it there yourself.

Note how experience-dependent the “answer” is. Also note how individualized the answer is. I like questions whose answers depend more on the questioner than the source of the answer.