The cable tv we had at our old house was pretty basic, as we didn’t watch much. But I moved to a new house recently, and got more channels on my cable tv along with it. It took me about an hour (no exaggerating) to go through all the channels and mark the ones we might watch as favorites. I’m watching more often these days, and as I flip through the favorites, I am surprised to discover how many shows there are that relate to spiritual phenomena. There are shows about haunted houses, haunted places, orbs and photography, ghost hunters, other shows that have a psychic or spiritual component to them, and a new one that seems the closest to mediumship as a Spiritualist would see it, which is Long Island Medium. It seems that it has grown from the occasional show here-and-there to a valid genre of it’s own. Not as prominent as detective shows or sitcoms, but a genre nonetheless.

It’s the growth that surprises me. I’m not sure what to make of it. Perhaps it’s good because viewers are getting more and more opportunities to hear about spirit communication. Perhaps it’s not good, because the viewer’s opportunities may be featuring the scary and/or negative side as a means to draw an audience. And the opportunities may be coming via those who I would say are the blind leading the blind.

Nonetheless, it is what it is for now, and time will eventually show how it works out.

Speaking of time, it’s time to send my prayers out to all those who are the blind and are following the blind. Prayers that their exposure and learning about mediumship is a positive and beneficial experience, as opposed to a negative or “I like to be scared and here’s another way to be scared” experience.

I hope you send prayers out for them too.