Making a business out of providing readings on a mass-produced level via a call center has met with many problems, the biggest of which is fakery. Years ago in the US, we had Miss Cleo. I remember not being able to watch tv without seeing her commercials popping up on nearly every channel, and then sometime later, heard that she was discovered to be fake, right down to the Jamaican accent. Undoubtedly, other countries have their share of deceptive/fake/deceitful “psychics” too.

In my conversations with the spirit folks over the years, I’ve learned that they especially detest those who use mediumship and/or psychic abilities to lie, cheat, deceive, hurt, or otherwise take advantage of people. During the conversation, they showed me something that conveyed “hunt down and kill” very succinctly. They never do stuff like that, so I know that yes-indeed, they’re very serious about it.

In Scotland, a medium who has had enough of people faking it and exploiting others for money is trying to build a legitimate call center business for  message work/readings. He puts candidates through a number of tests to be sure that they have a good connection to the spirits. So far, he has ten folks.

I’m not a fan of such endeavors, but I’d say he has a positive attitude, and based on that, I hope he succeeds. It would bring a candlelight of legitimacy to an area that has been pitch black with lies and deceit.