When you live in an apartment, you coexist with your neighbors. And if any of them are loud, obnoxious, or otherwise troublesome, it’s uncomfortable. Here’s a family who’s living in an apartment in Glasgow, Scotland, and having trouble with one of the neighbors. The neighbor is scaring the kids, and the adults too. It appears that the neighbor has been there a long time, and scared the previous tenant as well.

Understand that people who are affected by these problems are rarely complaining because they want some type of benefit from doing so. They just want the problem to be removed.

We don’t tolerate this type of negative behavior on the Earth plane, and it shouldn’t be any different when the neighbor is a spirit. Of course, handing the spirit eviction papers is completely different than it would be on the Earth plane, but it’s still possible. Sending good thoughts to the family, the apartment, and the previous tenants who have been impacted by this spirit helps, because thoughts are things. When talking with folks who aren’t familiar with the sending of thoughts, it’s easier to tell them that you’re sending prayers, or using the power of prayer. They get it, and it avoids a lot of conversation.

So, I’ve sent my prayers out to the family, apartment, and previous tenants. I’ve also sent prayers to the spirit who is causing the problem. He or she needs help – lots of it.

Essentially, the rules are pretty simple. If you can’t live amongst the Earth plane people peacefully, you need to leave. Besides, you ought to want to leave, because there are much better and more fun things for spirits to do in the spirit world than to hang around the Earth plane and bother people.

I hope you send your prayers to all these folks as well. No one should be unhappy miserable, whether they’re on the Earth plane or in the spirit world.