I was really sick the other day, had a cold-and-almost-flu thing that knocked me down flat from a Friday to a Tuesday. In between long bouts of sleep during that time, I caught a few episodes of  Long Island Medium. The show has been out for a while, and I knew of it, just never happened to run into it.

Theresa is one of those mediums who goes to up people that she’s never met and gives them messages, sometimes to the embarrassment of her family or other bystanders. I don’t think that would ever work for me. Oh, within the right context, I have no problem with giving messages and the like to people I’ve never met. It’s just that there has to be some context, like a spiritual service, gathering, conversation goes a certain way, etc. But while standing at the car wash or the gas pump just doing your thing – nope, not me. Crazy as that can sound, it works for her.

As a medium, she appears to be mostly clairsentient, with some clairaudience as well. I watched one epsiode where a spirit police officer came in very close to her during a reading for his wife, and Theresa broke down during the middle of it because it was so intense for her. It can happen to any medium, but it’s more likely for clairsentient mediums, because they are sooo-plugged into the feeling dimension.

In another episode, she was talking about having a sitting of some kind, and made a reference to a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the spirits. She told whoever was nearby (family, I think) that they could laugh at her all they want but not at the CEO. I don’t think either one should be laughed at, but she makes a good point. This reminds me of a little old lady that I knew, very spiritual, and probably in the spirit world today. She used to say “an attitude of gratitude”. I’ll bet she didn’t create that phrase, but I heard it from her first, so whenever I think of it, she comes to mind. When working with the spirits, I might add a little and say “an attitude of gratitude and respect”.

Overall, Theresa seems to be warm, very genuine, honest, and a good medium. As far as well-known mediums go, since John Edward left the small screen, we’ve needed someone to represent us on TV in a positive way (at least in the US). I hope Theresa continues to do well, and may the TV production people never contrive anything on her.