Here’s a little article that nicely illustrates one way that spirits communicate with us. My view is that the writer’s mom wanted her to know that she was doing fine, and loved her just like she did while living on the Earth plane.

The article goes on to talk about the spirits’ relationship to food. From what the spirits tell me of it, you can eat if you want, but you don’t have to. That’s kinda interesting, when you think about it long enough.  You don’t have a corporeal body any more, so you won’t die of starvation if you don’t eat – technically speaking, you can’t. But if you can eat, what is it exactly that you’re eating? And later, do you then expel waste, as you would when you eat on the Earth plane??

They say that mind is the creator, and mind builds a body in the spirit world. Perhaps something like the Neo’s residual self in the first Matrix movie. The movie What Dreams May Come also talks about the issue of bodies.

I’m told that some minds build bodies that are very much replicas of the physical body, and others less so. And there are spirits whom the other spirits call The Formless. So a body is not required.

Body or not, spirits communicate with us by touching our hearts. And we don’t have to be a medium to be touched by them.