The Winchester house is known for being a scary place because of all the stairs that go to nowhere, doors that open to outside, a couple floors up, and the like. The Winchester house was owned by the family who made the Winchester rifle. The house fell to the Sarah Winchester, wife of the primary owner after he died. Sarah went to a spiritualist who told her that she had to continually build the house, day and night, forever after, to atone for all the deaths created by the Winchester Rifle, or she would die. And so she did. For the next 38 years.

I have to wonder about what happened at the reading Sarah went to. Did the medium really tell her that? Oh my GOD, how unethical!!! The medium’s tongue should have snapped right off while saying it! You don’t tell a seeker something like that, even if it’s true! It’s probably the most horrific example of unethical behavior by a medium, that is public knowledge. Someone like this doesn’t deserve to be called a Spiritualist. A lot of other things perhaps, but not a Spiritualist.

To be fair, it’s possible for a seeker to “read into” a reading and draw exactly what they want out of it, or perhaps in this case, exactly what they’re afraid of the most. Either way, the Law of Cause and Effect will take care of it. It always does. What goes around really does come around.

It surprising that it hasn’t happened already, but now there is going to be a movie made about the house. The (Australian) film company is known for horror stories, so I can imagine how it’s going to turn out 😦 I won’t be seeing it, even if it shows up in the US.